The Ten Titans -> Now on its new branch!


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    The Ten Titans -> Now on its new branch!

    Post by rOcKy5694 on Sun May 24, 2009 12:02 am

    Greetings of Peace, WcWorld members!

    We, rOcKy5694, Shisehise, thundercraker, Blarfles, Flodian, Nooby_killer, Crash and Burn, TwistedFirestarter, dare18 and MerchantOfDeath are here to entertain your requests.

    We can do Sigs, Avatars, DotA animation and GIF's. So you can request anytime here.

    Even though we are to entertain your requests, we still implement STRICT rules which

    is to be followed.

    Mentioned below are Shisehise, , Flodian, Blarfles, Nooby_killer, MerchantOfDeath, thundercraker and yours truly's rules.

    Shisehise, Blarfles, Crash and Burn, Flodian, thundercraker, dare18 and MerchantOfDeath's rules

    1.Only one signature at a time!
    As you know, sig making can be time consuming. Even though we are trying to make your sigs as fast as possible, it would help if we make your signatures one at a time. THIS MEANS NO MULTIPLE REQUESTS UNTIL WE FINISH YOUR FIRST ONE

    2.Fill out this form if you want to apply for a signature. All requests not filled out in this format will be discarded.

    Render - don't worry if you don't have a render, just explain what you want and Rocky will try to find one for you.

    Text - What you want on your signature

    Background - don't worry if you don't have a background, just explain what you want and Merch and I will try and find/make one for you.

    Style - how you want your signature to look - eg. cute, fearsome...

    Miscellaneous - anything else you want

    3. Don't flame

    4. Fill out this form for GIF requests:

    Render(s) : What image you want on your sig

    Frame # : How many frames

    Text : Colour and style

    Frame1: What you want on it or to do
    Frame2: What you want on it or to do
    FrameX: What you want on it or to do

    Style : Cute, fearsome etc

    Background : What you want as a background

    Miscellaneous : Any additional mentions?

    4. Any user that breaks our humble rules will get a warning. Any repetitive rule-breaking will result in a ban.

    5. Fill out this form if you want to request an avatar. We can only do simple animations with text or VERY simple animations with the avatar.

    Render : What you want on your avatar

    Text : What you want your text to say

    Style : Fearsome, cute, mysterious, cool, etc

    Background : What colour/what background you want

    Border : What colour border/how big

    Miscellaneous : Anything else

    Animation : YES / No

    If yes : Text Stroking

    Text Blurring

    Avatar Blurring

    Text Movement

    Text growing/shrinking

    Text rotating/spinning

    Text Appearing/disappearing

    Will upload some examples later

    6. You must be active to request a sig. I don't want to spend my time working on a sig and not ever see it again in the forums. This means posting constructive comments on threads (e.g. NOT SPAMMING). The other sig makers and myself will judge if you are active or not.

    We understand we aren't the best sig makers in the world and we probably never will be. However, you should know that we are TRYING OUR BEST . It would help if we didn't hear after making a signature "This sucks... go screw a duck"

    Nooby_killer's rules (mostly for userbars)

    1.) request form should include:
    text color
    background color
    2.) Mention if you want with frames.

    rOcKy5694's Rules (mostly for renders)

    1. Never ever post useless things in this thread!

    2. If you really need the render (not just you lazy) please try to give it to the makers.

    3. If you really need it, then request one.

    4. If you request, don't expect fast responses to it.

    5. I'll be giving three renders in your request for you to choose.

    6. If you're not satisfied with the render, ask me again for another one then I'll try my best to look for another ones.

    7. Don't get mad if the render is not good. Ask politely.

    8. Demanding users should be contented with the last thing that i give to them

    9. Spammers are not allowed.

    10. Non sense won't be entertained

    TFS' rules (for animated dota avatar)

    1. There will be several types of DotA gif Avatar available:
    DotA Hero Gif Avatar
    Warcraft 3 Unit/Hero Gif Avatar
    Custom Model Gif Avatar
    2. The following is required when making an order:
    - Desired Avatar gif type
    - Desired Hero(If ordering a DotA Hero Gif Avatar)
    - Desired Unit/Hero(If ordering a Warcraft 3 Unit/Hero Gif Avatar)
    - Desired Custom Model(If ordering a Custom Model Gif Avatar)
    Note: You can go to The Hive Workshop and search for a custom model that you like there.
    - Desired Team Colour i.e The colour of the Hero/Unit
    - Desired Animation e.g. Attack 1, Attack 2, Spell, Channel etc
    - Any other misc details

    TFS also does Hero Strategy Gif's and screenies. Rules are in this link.

    Click this.

    We now have some of our own sites. There you could also request for sigs and avatar.



    go there if ya wanted. you have to register too.

    We are going to have a banlist in this shop to list down those who are banned in this thread so that peace may be maintained..


    none yet...

    I now declare the 3rd branch of the Ten Titans Graphic shop, OPEN!!!!

    1. i copy-pasted the rules from the first shop to here for a refresher.
    2. It was before Magic 3 then Flodian, Blarfles and Nooby_killer joined in..
    3. Nearly our biggest improvement, the godly thundercraker eagerly joins us here. so the shop was called Lucky 7
    4. Now TFS' apprentice, Crash and Burn is now part of the group. So now were the Hypocritical 8
    5. Now TFS himself, and dare18 joined so now were (read title)
    6. TFS has his own rules which shall be put here once i received whatever his rules are
    7. TFS' rules are now in the first post. so please check
    8. TFS now offer's more services.
    9. We have some new sites for more easier access if you cant access here.
    10. New Rule was added and to be implemented
    11. Our new branch is here.


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    Re: The Ten Titans -> Now on its new branch!

    Post by Maginx on Sun May 24, 2009 10:48 am

    yey! Congrats, another branch. I'mma make a request later cuz i'm using muh phone lol.
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    Re: The Ten Titans -> Now on its new branch!

    Post by Shisehise on Sun May 24, 2009 10:49 am


    I did your sig request @DS shop


    Thanks to myself for this sig

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    Brigadier General

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    Re: The Ten Titans -> Now on its new branch!

    Post by Maginx on Sun May 24, 2009 10:52 am

    thanks shise ^-^! I'mma check later tho lol.

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    Re: The Ten Titans -> Now on its new branch!

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