The Rules...

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    The Rules...

    Post by dare18 on Thu May 14, 2009 6:18 pm

    Please read the rules thoroughly, I know it's kinda long but it is important for members to recognize each and every rule of these forums.

    These rules are temporary and will be revised whenever necessary, we will update you in any changes that will be made. We(the admin and mods) are very friendly and understanding. However, if you fail to follow these rules, you will be punished accordingly.

    ok here we go:

    - please DO NOT SPAM ever. EVER. It's the golden rule. Topics and posts containing complete nonsense will be deleted, or the entire thread locked at the admin/mod's discretion.

    - Avoid lame one-liner posts. It's not a strict rule since sometimes one-liners cannot be avoided.. hehehe but you know what I mean when I say lame one-liner.

    - Avoid Off-Topic (OT) posts. As I already stated, do not disgress. If you want to post one include [OT] before the sentence and be sure to comment on the main topic. But it would be best to avoid them since it also makes replying hard. A thread full of [OT] can be closed by any admin/mod at their discretion.

    - Admin/mods may change the title of thread if they found the title inappropriate without consent of poster.

    - Threads that are strikingly similar or has the exact topic as other threads (especially in sticky threads) will be locked .

    - Make Sure You Post in the Right Forum. Before you start a new thread, make sure that the topic of your thread is best fitting in the forum you are posting to.

    - PM a moderator if you don't understand why a thread was locked or would like to make a case for it being unlocked. Do not make a thread solely for the purpose of referring to a thread that has been locked.

    - Bumping a thread for the purpose of getting it locked will result in a warning.

    - Please don't spam up the forums. We have a place for all the spam on the internet. If you feel the need to get off topic please go to the Etc section:

    Post Pumping
    - If a post is suspected to have no other purpose than to increase the post count of the poster, then any admin/mod may, at their discretion to delete the post. Well, it doesn't really decrease you post count if an admin or mod deletes it but if you continuously violate this rule then be prepared to recieve appropriate punishment.

    - The number of your posts does not measure your 'rank' here, don't act like you're superior than other members just because you have high post count. Remember that we are all equal.

    - Do not double post intentionally either. If you want to add things to what you have posted, Just edit your previous post.

    - Please respect all of the members of this site and their opinions, If anyone made a mistake in their posts or strategies please tell them in a polite manner. Also, this site was not made for people to brag about their playing skills, we're all here to help each other out. We don't care how good you are, or how many Beyond Godlike streaks you had, If you're just here to boast, then you might want to rethink of posting in this site. Drew made this site for us Dota-philes to have a to have good discussions as EQUALS, n00b or pro it does not matter.

    - You know the drill. Insulting, cursing, threatening, harassing or anything that might offend other members is STRICTLY prohibited. Post containing personal attack on another person can and will be edited or deleted by any admin/mod with no warning or consent.

    - If a member is flaming other via PM's, he or she Will get a warning. If it continues, well it just goes down hill from there.If anyone is caught flaming they will be warned, and then action will be taken. Everyone knows what flaming is, don't play stupid just to get out of something.

    - Use the Report function or PM a Mod. Explain in detail to him/her what the problem is, and we will be more then happy to settle it as peacefully as we can.

    - Trolling will be met with instant and probably permanent ban. This has a working definition of "attempting to be as annoying as possible while still technically obeying the rules," and it's not the way to go about getting attention. Attempting to derail threads, posting off-topic bullshit, or flame-baiting are all strictly verboten. There also tends to be a thin line between being abusive and immature and being argumentative. Crossing it persistently will lead to a ban. This kind of behavior leads to Flame Wars.

    - We will be VERY strict in regards with flaming. Remember its your butt on the line

    - Advertising or soliciting other members to buy, or sell any products or services is allowed as long as they are limited to your signatures. If you want to make an advertisement thread, PM a mod first. Chain letters and junk mail are prohibited and will be locked/deleted without any consent of the poster.

    - Only post pictures when absolutely necessary, and when they are directly relevant to the topic discussion. If the image you are posting is large in size (either pixel size, file size, or both), then please post a link to the picture instead of posting the picture itself. Remember that not everybody has broadband connection, and may have to wait some time for images to load.

    -No objectionable or indecent materials, please. Especially NSFW or not safe for work images.

    - Signatures may contain images but make sure they're not too large and will not affect the layout of the forums.

    - the size limit of signatures is is:
    150kb and 450x175 pixels and a maximum of 3 lines of text.

    Miscellaneous Stuff
    - Show some sensitivity. Keep your views on religion, politics, other members, and other potentially volatile topics out of your sigs and avatars.

    -Everything that applies to posts applies to avatars and sigs.
    - Think before you post. Save yourself trouble and ourselves time. If you find yourself questioning the nature of what you’re going to post, then it’s probably not safe to post it.

    - Don't deliberately post ANYTHING that destroys the forum and/or its layout.

    - Respect everyone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion regardless of age, gender and race.

    - Have Thick Skin. Don't be offended if someone disagrees with you. If you think their attitude has problems, PM a mod.

    - Lurk and Learn. I cannot stress this one enough. There's no better way to get a feel for the forums and what is and is not accepted here than to lurk for awhile. Hang around, read some threads, get some firsthand knowledge of how things work here.

    - USE THE SEARCH TOOL. Again, I cannot stress this enough, USE IT!

    -Please make good use of the edit button. This prevents unwanted double posting.

    - Read the sticky thread at the top of each forum, they are there for a reason, and generally contain information relevant to the forum that they are in.

    - Tell Us What You Think. When creating a new post, state your own opinion. We frequently get posts that do nothing but ask, "What do you think of <topic>?" We would much prefer that you state your own opinion as well as asking for ours; it's more equitable, and gives us a starting point for the discussion. If you don't have enough information to form an opinion, by all means find some before posting.

    - When creating a new post, use an informative subject line / title. Too often we get threads with titles like "A question," or "Cool stuff." Please be specific about what you want to talk about; if you don't, you likely won't get many people participating in your thread.

    - Don't quote the entire message that you're responding to. It's extremely annoying to see another persons's 20 line post quoted in entirety with only the comment, "I agree," or something similar added by the quoter at the end. When using the quote button to reply to posts, delete the text that is not relevant to the comments that you are going to make. You can edit the text in the "Original Post to Quote" box.

    - Read the forum descriptions for you to know where to post a topic. If you can't find a place in any of the forums to post your thread, then post in "Etcetera". An admin or mod will decide where it should be put.

    - If you find it easier to express yourself Nihonggo de, en Français, auf Deutsch, en Espanol, in Italiano, or any other language, you can do so, just insert the English translation in [] or ().

    - Lastly have fun! Enjoy the boards! we're not that strict really, all we ask is for everyone to cooperate. Let's make this board a haven for every dota player. Afer all, it is just a game, a game we all love so lets all be friends and have a nice community.
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